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Our commitment
To Christ, our whole lives. All Glory, and Honor, and Praise be to the Lord.
To the Church of God, we are committed to provide the Church with resources to face this time of apostasy.

What we are and what we do
We are a Ministry of Ministerios Jesús 24×7®. We are committed to translating sound doctrine articles, sermons, audio and video productions to and from several languages in order to provide the Church with resources to face this time of apostasy.

We would be glad and blessed if you join us in this journey, in which we all work in a volunteering fashion. What we need to do is transcripts, translation, proofreading, subtitling and publishing of videos, audios and articles from Ministries that have been selected (they have their own category at the forums) and some others that we are to select upon deliberation.

What we need members to be skilled at
•Transcription: This is the making of a copy (written) from a media, audio or video, for the purpose of making translation easier.
•Translation: Conveying the contents of a communication from one given language to another. We are currently translating from Spanish to English and viceversa but we are looking to have more languages inlcuded in the projects.
•Timecoding: Creating the position markers that indicate where each phrase (subtitle) should start and finish.
•Subtitling: Adding the written translation at the bottom of a video for it to be displayed matching the speaker’s words.
•Audio/Video Editing: Modifying or re-arranging the original media (audio or video) to fit a certain requirement, such as a different length, format and appearance.
•Proofreading: Reading to find errors (and suggest a correction). This is performed after both, the transcription and translation activities.
•Publishing: Downloading/Uploading media (Pending, some issues must be solved).
•Dubbing/Lectoring: (Pending).

What is the next step?
If you know you are skilled at one of these activities and you are willing to spend a fair amount of hours every week in order to help with projects as a volunteer, and if you abide with our Statement of Faith, then go ahead and sign up to become a member at our Community Network.

Will you join us?

—Ana Lucía Franco de Pérez, BCTA Director
Ministerios Jesús 24×7