Before you start

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On Producteev, we will post an available project along with the original link and the original article on a Word document. You can translate it directly from the web page or you can download the Word document. In any case, please take into consideration the following requirements for submitting your finished work:

1. Font must be Arial 12 (titles and subtitles Arial 14).

2. Keep the Copyright at the end of the video. Keep the original link. Add the following caption in your language:

“Translator: (your name), BCTA

“Editor: (your name) BCTA, ” (Notice that BCTA has the link to the site embedded)

3. Keep the original name in the finished document, just add the code for the language you translated it into.
Example: How to translate_EN.doc (original) should be How to translate_ES.doc (if translated into Spanish)

If you are assigned a translation task by any of the administrators on Producteev and you decide to take it, please write a note on Producteev stating your commitment to work on such project along with the language you will be working with.

Example: I take this task – Chinese / I take this task – French



For the videos we will be working with, all proper credits should be included in the description area:



A subtitle should be included at the end of the video directing viewers to the BCTA page:



Finally, if there are any specific ministry-related guidelines or formats, the admin will let you know.