BCACC is committed to the protection of the public

The RCC designation, accounting for more than 80% of all clinical counsellors, is the de facto standard for clinical counselling in British Columbia. BCACC is committed to the protection of the public and to upholding the value and established trust enshrined in the RCC designation.

Although BCACC is not a regulatory college under British Columbia’s Health Professions Act (HPA) – the provincial legislation that provides a common regulatory framework for the province’s regulated health professions – it has embraced regulatory modernization and is currently pursuing regulation under the Health Professions Act to further increase its public protection measures.

How we protect the public

Complaint Investigations 

We take action when standards are not met. The complaint process is an important part of ensuring quality and accountability in the provision of clinical counselling services in British Columbia.

Member Registry 

The member registry can be used to verify whether an individual is currently registered with the BCACC, whether an RCC has a consent agreement in place or other undertakings as a result of a disciplinary hearing.  The data contained in the member registry is dynamic and is updated in real-time.

Public Notifications

BCACC publishes public notifications which it deems to be in the interest of public protection. 

Pursuing Regulation

BCACC is pursuing Regulation under the Health Professions Act – not waiting another 25 years for change – but taking a more concrete, transparent and pro-active action-oriented path to regulation under the Health Professions Act (HPA).

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