Become a BCACC Approved Clinical Supervisor

As part of good ethical practice and in alignment with the expectations of the counselling profession, BCACC is committed to fostering the upgrading of clinical supervision and consultation within our membership.

In 2021, BCACC created a new designation, RCC-ACS, to recognize qualified members practicing as Clinical Supervisors with a designation that honours their training and experience. BCACC created a legacy application path using established criteria within the supervision profession to assess Clinical Supervisors.

Starting in March 2024, BCACC is thrilled to start accepting applications from new clinical supervisors or those aiming to become one. We’re introducing a new pathway called the Regular Path to the Approved Clinical Supervisor Designation Program.

Just like before, this new path to the ACS program follows clear criteria to help eligible clinicians become clinical supervisors. During the program, BCACC will support candidates in building their skills. Only members who complete this process will get the RCC-ACS title and be listed as Approved Clinical Supervisors on the BCACC Find a Clinical Supervisor tool.

Why Should I Become a BCACC Approved Clinical Supervisor?

  • Get recognition for your training, education, and skills.
  • Be part of the clinical supervision culture.
  • Join the clinical supervisor community.
  • Receive the connection and satisfaction of influencing future generations of counsellors.
  • Get listed on the BCACC website as an Approved Clinical Supervisor.
  • Open additional revenue streams

PLEASE NOTE: BCACC is currently working on updating the “Find a Clinical Supervisor” tool to improve the user experience.

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