BCACC is thrilled to announce that as of August 31, 2022, we are now accepting master’s students to join the Association as individual non-voting members at a low cost. Student members can access exclusive benefits, including professional liability insurance, professional development events, and much more. Join us and seize the opportunity to be involved in this close-knit community.

Why join BCACC as a Student Member?

Network with seasoned, qualified, professional clinical counsellors and Clinical Supervisors

Being part of the BCACC counselling community will allow you to network with a large audience of qualified Clinical Supervisors and potential practicum providers.

Join our communities of practice

BCACC’s extensive communities of practice are behind a secure member login and provide an opportunity to connect with other counsellors working in fields you are interested in. The ability to participate in this community can assist you with planning your career trajectory, discovering modalities of interest and keeping abridge of current best practices in counselling.

Attend BCACC events and trainings that complement your ongoing education

BCACC provides many opportunities for counsellors to engage in events focused on ethical training and competencies. You have an opportunity to partake in training that will help you develop practical skills in the area of ethical decision-making that will be crucial in your career.

Familiarize yourself with our code of ethics and standards of practice

In addition to ethics training opportunities, you will have access to BCACC’s code of ethics and standards of practice which will help familiarize you with what it is like to practice under a code of ethics. BCACC’s standards of practice are also available to assist you in your work.

Gain support and access to professional opportunities in the community

You will have access to BCACC’s well-populated and exclusive careers board that is available only to BCACC members.

Access affordable professional insurance

During your practicum period, professional liability insurance is mandatory. You will be able to purchase affordable professional liability insurance to supplement your coverage during your practicum and during the interim period after you graduate and before you register with BCACC.

Participate in the development of the counselling profession and be involved with BCACC

As a member, you will have the ability to contribute to BCACC’s esteemed INSIGHT magazine as a writer.

You will also be able to make your mark on BCACC and the counselling profession by volunteering with some of BCACC’s committees as non-voting members.

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