The following criteria are required to apply for Student Membership with the BCACC:

You must be domiciled in Canada

You must be at least 19 years of age

You must provide a copy of your government-issued photo ID (e.g., Driver’s Licence).

You must be enrolled in a master’s degree from an accredited institution

You must be enrolled in a master’s degree program from an accredited institution in a field of study prescribed by the BCACC Board of Directors (e.g., Counselling, Clinical or Educational Psychology, Pastoral Counselling, Child and Youth Care, Marital and Family Counselling, Clinical Social Work, Psychiatric Nursing, Applied Behavioural Sciences). Accreditation differs depending on the location of the school.


A government-approved or authorized degree-granting institution

United States

An institution regionally accredited by one of the following:


Contact us for more information.

You must be able to submit a current proof of enrollment letter from the institution.

Please note that we do not accept your tuition payment record, unofficial transcripts, letters of acceptance, and unofficial documents that show your currently enrolled courses. We accept the official confirmation of enrollment or enrollment verification letter that’s issued by your institution with a signature from who has the authority to sign the letter (e.g., the registrar). The letter must state that you are currently enrolled in the program by indicating the current term or the current academic year.

You are prepared to pay the annual membership fee.

Cost of Application

There is no application fee for the student membership. All you have to do is prepare your application package and apply!

Cost of Membership

Student membership costs $75 (including GST) annually. Membership payment will be processed once your membership is confirmed.

Membership Renewal

Student membership gets renewed annually based on the date that you became a student member. Please note that you must be enrolled in the institution at the time of renewal and be able to show proof when requested. If you have graduated recently, you will be eligible to renew for one more year and will be asked to provide an RCC application number in order to renew your student membership.

Ready to become a student member?

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