Why choose a Registered Clinical Counsellor?

Every person who receives the RCC counselling designation in British Columbia has met specific educational and training criteria required by the BCACC. What’s more, RCCs have not only met the academic, clinical competence and professional requirements, they have voluntarily committed themselves to practice according to an ethical code of conduct and standards of practice.

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Education & Experience

RCCs have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in a variety of areas such as psychology or social work. Many have additional training in their specific area of practice. They have also satisfied BCACC’s clinical supervision requirements that are criteria of membership.

Ethics & Peace of Mind

RCCs are accountable for ethical practices under our standards of practice and code of ethics, and every member must have a clean criminal record check. This offers peace of mind for members of the public looking to feel secure when they enter into a professional counselling relationship.

Affordability & Access

If you want a counselling option that is reasonably affordable, and if you want an option that may be covered by an extended health plan, then choosing a counsellor with the RCC designation is a safe and reassuring decision. RCCs can be found across BC, both in large cities and rural areas.

Choosing A Clinical Counsellor

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The clinical counsellor’s level of education and training
  • If they practice under a code of ethics that is available for you to read
  • How long have they been in practice
  • Their availability relative to your schedule
  • Those recommended by a friend or colleague
  • If they offer phone support or crisis intervention between sessions
  • Their hourly fee
  • Check that the RCC designation is covered under your extended health plan
  • If there is a complaints process through their professional association
  • Finally, listen to your intuition when you conduct your interview and trust your first impressions.

What Does Clinical Counselling Cost?

The cost to see a Registered Clinical Counsellor can vary for a myriad of reasons, such as experience or educational level, region, or specialized training in specific modalities.

What is the cost to see a Registered Clinical Counsellor?

BCACC recommends the following fee ranges:

Individual therapy (in person or online per 50 minute session) – $135.00 – $150.00
Couples | Family therapy (in person or online per 50 minute session) – $150.00 – $175.00

This scale should be used as a guideline only. Costs will vary per counsellor. Please verify rates with your counsellor directly.

Will a Registered Clinical Counsellor be covered under my extended health plan?

Every plan is different. Contact your plan provider before your first session to ensure that your plan covers the Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) designation.

Will Registered Clinical Counsellors charge a sliding fee scale?

It is up to the counsellor if they wish to use a sliding fee scale. Please verify this with them directly.

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